1. The Lesson
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K. Pearlman

How do your friends see you?
Do they see you like you do?
Do they judge you ‘till you want to cry
And treat you like it too?

I bet they don’t know
How your story goes
The one that plays inside your head
That weighs your head down low

Well I guess you
Needed a lesson
For today
So you don’t remain
Caught in this rut you’re in
You don’t, you don’t need to stay
In that, in that place

When the telephone rings
It’s the call you’ve been waiting for
You need this bad you do
You’ll do what it takes

You said that right or wrong
That work equals your self-worth
But what happens when you do everything right
And you don’t get what you want


Remember this day
When you opened your eyes
To see what your friends see
Ain’t it amazing