1. Little Demons
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Little Demons
K. Pearlman

I’ve been let down before
But it didn’t feel this way
I’ll just think a little more
Til I find the words
Oh I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you something
A piece of my mind

I hated people for what you did
You may never know
I fought the thoughts ‘cause I couldn’t believe
That could be you
But you can’t take all the blame

Nightmares and daydreams
This reality’s all that it seems
I’d do anything to change
The suffering, the pain
I’ll never be the same
Til I change my mind


Let’s be honest here
Let’s be real
These are things that I’ve been thinking
I don’t wanna fear these little demons

My four fathers have long gone past
It seems they all had a heart of glass
They left it all to me
Well, I’m here to find another way
And show you, what they always knew
But couldn’t say to you