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Roller Coaster Ride
K. Pearlman

It’s not about you is it?
It’s all about me and this life
And what am I here for

I’ve thought so long
I can’t tell this story again
It’ll never turn out right

Just as long
As it’s your fault and has nothing to do with me
It’ll happen again

I get angry when things don’t go my way
And the happiness doesn’t last when it’s right
It all just fades away

Into the next day
And in a different mood
I may feel
I wanna change my mind

Just as long
As it’s my choice
And it always will be
It’ll happen again

I look forward to the time when I
Move freely around all the ups and downs

Cause this life is nothing but
A rollercoaster ride
We never see the end

Just as long
As it’s my ride
And it always will be
We’ll see, we’ll see, we’ll see