1. Reach Out
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Reach Out
K. Pearlman

I’m staring out the window thinking everything’s gone wrong
You wonder why I’m quiet well baby,
I’m just tryin to be strong
You know you really hurt me bad
You took my faith away
Now I’m left in pieces worrying about making it thru today

I’m tryin to reach out to you
Come on and reach out to me
I’m tryin to reach out to you
Won’t you reach out to me

My momma said believe it you gotta
cause He’s gotta plan
Even though it seems so hard
It’s gonna work out in the end

I can’t help myself so I begin to pray
It’s just a one way conversation
And no one’s hearing me say


Now I’m tired…so weary
I can’t stop this wonderin’ you know it’s drivin’ me Crazy…Crazy

I didn’t mean to cross that line on that cold winter night
And no one could help me win that fight
But you stood behind me until that judgment day
After all we’ve been thru you still hear me say