Katie Pearlman - Dreaming Again Review
Tastes Like Rock Magazine
Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Reviewed by Michael Meade

Katie Pearlman gets four out of five skulls for her debut solo album "Dreaming Again".

Katie's lyrics are straightforward and waste no time getting to the heart of any situation, whether its keeping dreams alive or reaching out to a parent; "Dreaming Again" plays like a road map of Katie's life. Every Singer/Songwriter should aim for that and Ms. Pearlman has hit the target dead center.

Standout tracks that held my ear just a little longer include "Listening To You", "Little Demons", Holding On", and "Don't Let Them Go". The honesty of the songs pull you in and take you back through your own life experiences with a new appreciation.

And Katie's band keeps the sound rolling without a hitting a bump, Katie on vocals, drums, and acoustic guitar; husband Jeff on keys and backing vocals; Tom Bowler on bass; and Ken Teich on electric guitar make quite a team.

Definately some of indie/folk's finest!

If Katie and her band keep their sound as tight live as in the studio then I truly look forward to seeing them play out.

For a listen stop over to The Katie Pearlman Band myspace page: www.myspace.com/katiepearlmanmusic.