Cookin' With Katie
Good Times Magazine
By Bob Smith

Nassau County musician Katie Pearlman is a true rarity in the area music scene for a variety of reasons. She's a multi-instrumentalist who primarily plays drums, but also is adept at guitar; she sings with melodic, soulful ease as she keeps the beat; and performs electric as well as acoustic shows. After the release of her new album, Dreaming Again, she's more than likely soon to be known as the leader of one of the area's best indie/jam bands as well.
Pearlman's new album proves her to be a smooth vocalist and a fine songwriter. Instead of the usual Island-bred hot licks and screaming singing, Pearlman's naturally soft vocals are naturally more emotive than the area's usual array of banshee wails and phony white soul grunts. Songs such as album opener "Jealousy" and "Ain't Nobody" are emotional yet accessible, as well as tuneful and tasteful enough to be included on radio in any format.

Katie is an exceptional talent, yet Pearlman reached out to some of the area's top industry professionals for assistance on her album. Her band on the disc, which includes bassist Tom Bowler, keyboardist (and husband) Jeff Pearlman, and guitarist and engineer Ken Teich, is first-rate. Pearlman also enlisted the talents of George Fullan's General Studios in Douglaston and Scott Hull Mastering in New York City to get the album as close to Minute Rice perfection as possible.
"I love General Studios and George Fullan, the engineer there," Pearlman reported. "He's an amazing guy who really loves music, and he's been very supportive of my music. He does awesome work. This was my second CD that I did with him because I like working with him so much. I'm very happy with Scott Hull and their mastering of our CD. I actually was not present during the mastering and never even stepped foot in their studio! George Fullan recommended Scott Hull and I went with George's word, and I could not be happier with the result."

Area music fans are sure to be happy with the new album as well not to mention her live show, which she'll bring to D.J. Rider's Rhythm & Brews in Oceanside on Friday, February 1 for a CD release party along with Scarecrow Collection. Getting to such a CD celebration was a long time coming for this youthful yet veteran musician.
Pearlman began playing drums at age 10, and it wasn't long before she was playing in a band. At age 18, Katie was enrolled at William Paterson University, playing percussion in the orchestra for two semesters at the same time she took up hand drumming and percussion. Soon, she joined a band called Vibe Theory, which later morphed into the popular One-Eyed Jack. She began songwriting, which eventually led to many of the compositions on Dreaming Again. Already, the musical multi-tasking Pearlman is looking for new worlds to conquer.

"This year, I'd like to record a second album and/or record an acoustic album with grand piano and acoustic guitar," said Pearlman. "I recently heard the latest James Taylor, which uses that instrumentation and that inspired me also because my partner, Jeff, and I do a lot of acoustic shows with this instrumentation.

"I also want to write more songs! It's important to me that I'm able to find the space and time to be creative amidst doing all the promotion for the band. Songwriting is very important to me and is hugely rewarding. I need to come back to that."

As for now, Katie and her band are looking to replace the talented but Vermont-bound Teich, gain more radio airplay, and build their promotions and management team. However, with the pure musicality and talent displayed by Katie Pearlman, Jeff Pearlman, and their friends, all of these aspirations will surely be fulfilled within moments this is pop music of depth, truth, and beauty. If those sentiments sound "old school," give Pearlman's innovative music a listen and see if you don't agree.

Katie Pearlman's CD release party will be Friday, February 1 at D.J. Rider's Rhythm & Brews in Oceanside; Scarecrow Collection is also on the bill.

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