Dreaming Again CD Review
The Spectrum
by Rebecca Stein

Jeff Pearlman and his wife, Katie Pearlman, recently released a CD, "Dreaming Again." With Pearlman on the keyboard and his wife as the lead vocalist and drummer, the band produced a collection of songs which combine 1970's rock with 21st century country pop.

What's most refreshing about their songs, written mostly by Katie Pearlman, is their powerful and meaningful lyrics, unlike the repetitive, meaningless lyrics that seem to plague the radio and music television today. Their lyrics are like short stories composed with melodies; most of them illustrate the pains of relationships and the complications of life.

The combination of Katie Pearlman's voice and the background music produces a strong, signature sound. In the CD's first song, "Jealousy," the combination is reminiscent of sounds played by the Grateful Dead. The fifth song on the disc, "Little Demons," evokes emotions of intense disappointment and frustration.

As a whole, this album has a original sound and unique lyrics. This CD is for people who are interested in listening to a different type of music than what our generation typically listens to.