The Katie Pearlman Band at The Sarah Street Grill
By Michael Meade

The Katie Pearlman Band made their Pennsylvania debut all the way from Long Island February 21 at The Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg. Katie and husband Jeff Pearlman started the night with an acoustic set, Katie on vocals and guitar and Jeff on keys; the hopes the Tastes Like Rock! staff had for The Katie Pearlman Band's live performance after reviewing their debut album Dreaming Again, were met and exceeded!

Unfortunately the venue was a little bare except for the Sarah Street regulars, but as Katie and I were chatting during their first set break a woman came over to us and proceeded to tell Katie, "...I've got to tell you, your voice is great, your music is original, I'm really enjoying everything!"  Which coincidently synched with the discussion Katie and I had just finished about low body counts being acceptable as long as a few people genuinely like your sound.

Soon after, all four members of the band took the stage and kicked it into high gear! Katie leading on vocals and drums, Jeff back on keys, Tom Bowler on bass, and for the first time playing out with the band; Joe Cesare on guitar.
Luckily the crowd started filling at this point, and even began dancing; which I've noticed is getting harder to get people to do in this town. With the bar livening up a bit Katie and the guys played a few songs on a little longer than usual (Jealousy and Whenever You Need to name two) and threw in a couple of covers, Only You Know and I Know and Beat It On Down The Line.

Including the acoustic set, they played a total of about three hours, every minute of it well spent! Just as tight a unit live as on Dreaming Again, by this reporter's ear not one lyric missed or mumbled and not a note out of time. Here's hoping Pennsylvania gets to see and hear more of The Katie Pearlman Band.