June 30, 2009—The Katie Pearlman Band presided over the audience at Lee’s Campground in Saratoga on June 16th two years ago. Somebody captured them faithfully via a patch into the soundboard. The set can be had for free at archive.org (the Live Music section). These people are not pretentious, not extraordinarily rambunctious. They are one very solid outfit, which is a far better thing than showbiz glitz to my mind.

Katie’s vocals have a natural Rock-Soul vibrancy, the originals are fetchingly attractive, the band is good and there are some decent little guitar jams, perhaps a little shorter that usual because they are playing only one set. Also attractive is their organic, down-home quality that indicates an affinity to Dead-oriented bands. But they do not sound derivative. This is the Katie Pearlman Band doing some muy nice music.

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