November 1, 2009
CD Review: Singer/Songwriter Katie Pearlman Gives Us "This"

Fellow New Englander Katie Pearlman released her new album “We Make This” on November 1st. The songs on this new album have a very airy groove with a vocal style compared to Joss Stone. Her songwriting skills really shine through on the tracks “We Make This” and “Looking For Something“. Katie shows her vocal range with the soothing power ballad “I’ll Be Waiting” and the bluesy “Whenever You Need”. The simplicity of the lyrics of “I Feel “ work to Katie's advantage producing the album’s radio friendly pop song. The electric guitar of Joe Cesare and husband Jeff Pearlman’s keyboards gives the song “You Wrong” a southern rock vibe. The seven minute album closer “Dreaming With You” is a wonderful collaboration between the band and Katie’s singing. A song that can definitely be expanded on when performed live.

“We Make This” is great album for the autumn season, with its flowing lyrics and mellow bluesy sound. Katie Pearlman will be making appearances throughout New England. Visit Katie’s website for information on shows and music.
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